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Source code

word lang type num ana lba
autoschediastical english words 95 aaaccdehiilossttu acdehilostu
mitrer british_z words 80 eimrrt eimrt
Falwell's english proper-names 50 aeflllsw aeflsw
ecophysiologies english words 80 ceeghiilooopssy ceghilopsy
Carbondale english proper-names 95 aabcdelnor abcdelnor
Urmston english proper-names 95 mnorstu mnorstu
mastier english words 95 aeimrst aeimrst
templarlikeness english words 95 aeeeikllmnprsst aeiklmnprst
euphonizing canadian words 70 eghiinnopuz eghinopuz
fingerhold english words 80 defghilnor defghilnor
superfervent english words 95 eeefnprrstuv efnprstuv
dentimeter english words 95 deeeimnrtt deimnrt
Hartshorne english proper-names 80 aehhnorrst aehnorst
haematuria british words 70 aaaehimrtu aehimrtu
myrmecologist english words 80 cegilmmoorsty cegilmorsty
capsuligerous english words 95 acegiloprssuu acegiloprsu
Chauvin's english proper-names 80 achinsuv achinsuv
Gereld english proper-names 70 deeglr deglr
calendula's english words 70 aacdellnsu acdelnsu
uninsurability's english words 80 abiiilnnrsstuuy abilnrstuy
arctiidae english words 95 aacdeiirt acdeirt
korfball english words 80 abfkllor abfklor
Nazlini's english proper-names 80 aiilnnsz ailnsz
Mahmud's english proper-names 60 adhmmsu adhmsu
defences british_z words 35 cdeeefns cdefns

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