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Source code

word lang type num ana lba
satirize british_z words 35 aeiirstz aeirstz
canacuas english words 95 aaaccnsu acnsu
Pterocles's english proper-names 95 ceeloprsst celoprst
strifeful english words 80 effilrstu efilrstu
interaxis english words 95 aeiinrstx aeinrstx
englishry english words 95 eghilnrsy eghilnrsy
damourite english words 95 adeimortu adeimortu
monologs variant_1 words 50 glmnooos glmnos
zebrules english words 80 beelrsuz belrsuz
Normanizer's canadian proper-names 95 aeimnnorrsz aeimnorsz
Stock english proper-names 70 ckost ckost
Spirobranchia english proper-names 95 aabchiinoprrs abchinoprs
shinesses english words 95 eehinssss ehins
Keddie english proper-names 80 ddeeik deik
Tulley's english proper-names 60 ellstuy elstuy
Grappelli english proper-names 80 aegillppr aegilpr
bronchus english words 50 bchnorsu bchnorsu
Naoma english proper-names 60 aamno amno
anglewing's english words 95 aeggilnnsw aegilnsw
thermae british_z words 70 aeehmrt aehmrt
quinto english words 95 inoqtu inoqtu
tauricide english words 95 acdeiirtu acdeirtu
tacheometry english words 80 aceehmortty acehmorty
signallers british_z words 60 aegillnrss aegilnrs
garlic's english words 35 acgilrs acgilrs

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