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word lang type num ana lba
Euell's english proper-names 60 eellsu elsu
dysthesias english words 95 adehisssty adehisty
tonguefishes english words 95 eefghinosstu efghinostu
tropoyl english words 95 looprty loprty
tarin english words 95 ainrt ainrt
phonemicized british_z words 80 cdeehiimnopz cdehimnopz
unfur english words 95 fnruu fnru
platyope english words 95 aeloppty aelopty
gusanos english words 80 agnossu agnosu
Liberals english upper 70 abeillrs abeilrs
electroetching english words 95 cceeeghilnortt ceghilnort
uproarious english words 50 aiooprrsuu aioprsu
thorning english words 80 ghinnort ghinort
horsecraft english words 95 acefhorrst acefhorst
impunities english words 80 eiiimnpstu eimnpstu
spookism english words 95 ikmoopss ikmops
gastrojejunostomy english words 95 aegjjmnooorssttuy aegjmnorstuy
sluggish english words 35 gghilssu ghilsu
Macmillanite english proper-names 80 aaceiillmmnt aceilmnt
pitchout's english words 80 chiopsttu chiopstu
sunscald english words 80 acdlnssu acdlnsu
thermosyphon's british_z words 70 ehhmnooprssty ehmnoprsty
implanting english words 35 agiilmnnpt agilmnpt
ABus english proper-names 95 absu absu
rickettsiaceae english words 95 aacceeeiikrstt aceikrst

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