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word lang type num ana lba
Safford english proper-names 80 adffors adfors
serpentises british words 80 eeeinprssst einprst
myrobalan english words 70 aablmnory ablmnory
scarfer english words 80 acefrrs acefrs
mus english abbreviations 60 msu msu
semiarchitectural english words 95 aacceehiilmrrsttu acehilmrstu
dimerisms english words 80 deiimmrss deimrs
mesocaecal english words 95 aacceelmos acelmos
Ashjian english proper-names 70 aahijns ahijns
communicating english words 20 accgiimmnnotu acgimnotu
version's english words 10 einorssv einorsv
winter english words 10 einrtw einrtw
kaferita english words 95 aaefikrt aefikrt
susurrated english words 70 aderrsstuu aderstu
uterogestation english words 80 aeeginoorstttu aeginorstu
Negroidal's english proper-names 95 adegilnors adegilnors
ranges english words 20 aegnrs aegnrs
nonprocessional english words 95 aceilnnnoooprss aceilnoprs
rodeoed english words 80 ddeeoor deor
Ama english proper-names 70 aam am
backrope's english words 80 abcekoprs abcekoprs
tintinnabular english words 80 aabiilnnnrttu abilnrtu
throughput english words 20 ghhoprttuu ghoprtu
Otoe's english proper-names 80 eoost eost
Nukuhivan's english proper-names 95 ahiknnsuuv ahiknsuv

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