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Source code

word lang type num ana lba
counterpicketed english words 80 ccdeeeiknoprttu cdeiknoprtu
princeless english words 95 ceeilnprss ceilnprs
Testacea english proper-names 95 aaceestt acest
inseparate english words 80 aaeeinprst aeinprst
Nasya english proper-names 70 aansy ansy
laurelled variant_1 words 80 adeelllru adelru
Hurlee's english proper-names 60 eehlrsu ehlrsu
Radom english upper 70 admor admor
Hispanophobias english upper 80 aabhhiinooppss abhinops
thoroughgoingly english words 80 ggghhilnooortuy ghilnortuy
busywork english words 40 bkorsuwy bkorsuwy
gastronomer english words 80 aegmnoorrst aegmnorst
cardipaludism english words 95 aacddiilmprsu acdilmprsu
trimaran english words 50 aaimnrrt aimnrt
Udall's english upper 50 adllsu adlsu
Damia's english proper-names 95 aadims adims
keratinizations british_z words 80 aaeiiiknnorsttz aeiknorstz
ophthalmophlebotomy english words 95 abehhhllmmoooopptty abehlmopty
sealch english words 80 acehls acehls
resalute english words 80 aeelrstu aelrstu
headframe's english words 80 aadeefhmrs adefhmrs
Betsimisaraka's english proper-names 95 aaabeiikmrssst abeikmrst
Jethro english upper 60 ehjort ehjort
japery's english words 70 aejprsy aejprsy
screwings english words 80 ceginrssw ceginrsw

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