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Source code

word lang type num ana lba
bronx english words 95 bnorx bnorx
enteria english words 95 aeeinrt aeinrt
oppressiveness english words 55 eeeinopprssssv einoprsv
endures english words 35 deenrsu denrsu
risklessness english words 95 eeiklnrsssss eiklnrs
undisturbingly english words 95 bdgiilnnrstuuy bdgilnrstuy
preordains english words 50 adeinoprrs adeinoprs
plagiostomous english words 80 agilmooopsstu agilmopstu
Penthoraceae's english proper-names 95 aaceeehnoprst acehnoprst
brontephobia english words 95 abbehinooprt abehinoprt
paughtier english words 95 aeghiprtu aeghiprtu
longsuffering english words 80 effggilnnorsu efgilnorsu
gusles english words 80 eglssu eglsu
Guerra's english proper-names 50 aegrrsu aegrsu
Juggernauts english upper 70 aeggjnrstuu aegjnrstu
designedness english words 95 ddeeeginnsss degins
aeolipile's canadian words 70 aeeiillops aeilops
roup english words 70 opru opru
Duquoin english proper-names 80 dinoquu dinoqu
idiosyncrasy english words 35 acdiinorssyy acdinorsy
diligentness english words 95 deegiilnnsst degilnst
autobahns english words 55 aabhnostu abhnostu
clinkerer english words 95 ceeiklnrr ceiklnr
diplomate's english words 70 adeilmopst adeilmopst
rattlebrain's english words 60 aabeilnrrstt abeilnrst

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